Air Conveyance Systems

Air Conveyance Systems is the leading developer of air density separation, bi-product material separation, elutriation, and other bulk material processing solutions. Our patented technology, the "Air Wash," is recognized as the most advanced technology within the bulk material handling industries while also being the simplest and most streamlined. Having the fewest moving parts allows for a far greater lifespan, less maintenance, training, meaning lower costs for your material handling processes. To learn more about technology and how it can improve your facility, contact Air Conveyance Systems today! Furthermore, we invite you to request a complimentary material process validation study to demonstrate how our technology can improve and optimize your facility's ability to process materials. Our technology has been successfully implemented in industries such as recycling, automotive, textile recovery, wood processing, agricultural processing and others. Contact us at Air Conveyance Systems today to learn more.

Air Conveyance Systems
33 Maple Road,
Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0
(289) 260-0773

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